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If you are looking for a reliable and experienced electrician in the New York area, Phoenix Electric is where you should start. We can help save you money, while also decreasing your energy consumption. You will be decreasing your overhead costs while saving yourself money for years down the line.

An electrician with a high attention to detail is something that can be difficult to come by, but Phoenix Electric has you covered. Our focus is decreasing the cost of your electric bill and reducing the energy output that you need by making sure that your fixtures are up to date and are running as efficiently as possible.

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Many companies will try to oversell customers on their electrical services to benefit themselves...


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Finding the right electrician for your business should be something that is easy.


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One of the fastest-growing fields when it comes to the world of electricity is solar energy.


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ev chargers

The world of electricity is growing in its ability to have more portable locations for charging devices.


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Outdated lighting fixtures can take a heavy toll on your business or home’s electric bill...

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Saving Money

One of the benefits of partnering with Phoenix Electric in New York is that we are in the business of saving our clients money. Energy bills can be a difficult thing to comprehend and manage, so we make an effort to help our customers understand where their money is going and how to maximize their savings in the short and long term.

Save Money On Your Electric Bill

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Hire An Electrician That Knows The Area

Electricity isn’t something that you should trust just anyone with. Whether you are looking at a large-scale project or something on a smaller scale, it is imperative that you work with someone that knows what they are doing and can get you the best results possible, whether it is from a financial or conservational perspective.

Hire An Experienced Electrician For Your Home Or Business