retrofitted lighting

Lighting Retrofit

Outdated lighting fixtures can take a heavy toll on your business or home’s electric bill and overall energy consumption. Retrofitting the lighting in your home or business can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to energy efficiency.

Reduced Overhead

Old lighting systems are taxing. Whether you are discussing general energy consumption or the financial burden that comes with old lighting fixtures in New York, you are dealing with a utility that can take a toll on your books when you needlessly consume energy that costs you money in the long-run. Retrofitting your lighting system can help to reduce financial stresses and decrease your overall overhead costs.

Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Utility Rebates

Many areas offer rebates for residential or commercial spaces that choose to retrofit their space with more efficient lighting installments. LED installation and replacement are utility replacements that most local governments widely support and encourage for homes and businesses because it saves money and energy. It is a mutually beneficial installation for both the individuals and providers.

Get Your Rebates By Retrofitting Your Lighting

Retrofitting commercial and residential lighting systems is more of a “when” proposition and not an “if.” Every industry and residential home system are heading towards a service that will save them money and reduce overhead energy costs in the process. The added benefit is that there are incentives for making the switch. Make your change with Phoenix Electric today!